Digital Company Sinds 2006
Asia - Europe - US World Trading ICT & MKT Expertise for each Business Level.
International Relationship Partner & Business Management Associates
Deploy, be known and sell your products through our world wide services.

 Let's share our expertise and knowledge and generate business !
Main Target
Added Value
Your SKCi Team is facing the market demands with international partners in different sectors :
"Strategic & Digital Media Information and Technology"
"International Marketing
and Communication"
& Finance with Product Quotation, Statistics and Rates"
& Warehousing with Real Estate Acquisition and Fleet Management"
-Sales Management and
international Customer Service Support"
"Global Administration Protection with SLA Deadlines Support"
"Quality and Customer Satisfaction Company"
Free Sync offer on demand - Response within the next working day.

We do have interest in each business taking consideration on evolution and ROI,
each of your project is for us the opportunity to prove succes.

Our Team will support Yours and share quality knowledge increasing many benefits and decreasing claims cases with negative short term & long term impact on your business.
Most of all we offer a 24h/24 remote IT service + an knowledge on business processes and evolution at an avarage Long term Partnership with a dedicated Open pricing list = No Surprise or additional cost during the contract SLA's.
Depending on your project, for example: "from  E-commerce website" to "Warehouse acquisition",
We generate the perfect Audit for your business an deploy everything as a Single Point of Contact Parner: "IT-Infrastructure hosting", "Maintenance & Support". We also offer Secured SSL Onlince invoicing and payements processes for your online customers, giving your new and actual business the opportunity to be in a confortable and trusted
professional environement. We do operate in the ICT sector sinds 1996 and are known as Marketing Expert sinds 2006 till now. Selective Key Commerce International is a fast growing company contributing on relationship and daily market study to share with your business the advantage on World Trading Environmentel Acquisition and Sales.

Whatever could be your need of the moment, just dedicate someone of your team to inform and test our expertise.
We do operate worldwide for each business type.

We are inviting you to face all market ambiguities from now, please take the tour.
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