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Selective Key Commerce Int. provides e-business solutions for distribution channels.
Worldwide distribution channels find themselves at a crossroads today.

They are under increasing pressures from many sides and for many their survival will depend on moving to an environment,
that seamlessly incorporates e-business into their business processes. In all type of business having an e-commerce website is very relevant.

In close cooperation with leading manufacturers, we have developed online B2B solutions that are helping today distributors, their customers and suppliers increase their inventory turns, working capital and revenues in over 18 countries.
Our Marketing Departement focusses on all your core products and services and always automatically check for sales opportunities and potentials, Giving to your businnes the opportunity to increase revenues.

Moving as an Consultancy Long Life Business Partner SKCi stands for E-Business evolution and facing sharing knowledhe on all common ICT & MKT updates releases,
to have a global focussed on turnovers and return on investments and most of all to remain updated on all upcoming events.

Selective Key Commerce Int. is based in Belgium & Spain for the European part, offices are for development and operations handling over the globe.
 We also have representations in Germany, France, Italy and Macedonia which allows us to offer manufacturers, distributors, resellers and retailers high-quality and affordable solutions.

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